PHP Design Patterns in Early Release

It’s been a while since I last posted on this blog, and now you know why: I’ve been working on PHP Design Patterns that is being published by O’Reilly. The Early Release is available at:

O’Reilly Early Release

Naturally, I am interested in your feedback, especially any way that helps the reader better understand design patterns using PHP.


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2 Responses to “PHP Design Patterns in Early Release”

  • I bought the Early Release ebook from O’Reilly yesterday, and it’s brilliant so far! The design pattern concepts are more clear to me now than in my previous explorations into the topic, mainly because I can comprehend the code examples easily as a PHP developer.

    I also appreciate how you describe PHP-specific approaches to certain design pattern concepts, such as using type hinting (in lieu of PHP’s lack of strong typing) for the “program to the interface” principle.

    That type of information might be the most important timesaver PHP developers will gain from your book. I have occasionally been bogged down trying to find a way to translate pattern examples from other books/websites into the PHP environment, due to certain fundamental differences in the languages they are written in (Java, C++, etc).

    Thanks for the great book!

  • Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the kind words. One of the purposes of the early release is to get feedback, and so if you have any comments, be sure to let me know. When the full book comes out with 4 additional chapters (and 4 additional design patterns, including ones using MySQL) I hope to widen the discussion of PHP design patterns with more developers like yourself.

    Kindest regards,

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