Bulgaria PHP Group: Introduction to Design Patterns

freedomIntroduction to Design Patterns. On Saturday, February 13 from 4:30-??? EST (New York time and 10:00-13:00 EET UTC 9:00-12:00) I will be making a presentation to the Bulgarian PHP Group via Google Hangouts. If you are unfamiliar with PHP 7, click on the picture of Vasil Levski, and download the special Bulgarian Edition! of PHP 7 & MySQL: An Object Oriented Introduction that I’ve been writing. (Only the first 6 chapters have been converted to PHP 7, and once the rest of the book is finished, all of it will be PHP 7 content and examples.) I only copied a few phrases from English to Bulgarian; so the book is written in English. (About 200+ pages currently.)

In case there’s a problem with Google Hangouts, I’ll have a streaming video of the talk available and communicate with the group via Twitter and/or email during the time of the talk. If you are not familiar with OOP, take a look at the first two chapters of PHP 7 & MySQL: An Object Oriented Introduction. Page 14 has a simple, clear and accurate definition of OOP that differentiates it from sequential and procedural programming.

Hope to see you via Google Hangouts on Saturday, February 13 at the Bulgaria PHP Meeting!


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